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Hyperlogistics is always on the leading edge of new and innovative ways to approach logistics issues. As a result, Hyperlogistics is often referenced or cited in major transportation and warehousing news publications.  Check back here often to learn about our latest hyperadvances.

The warehousing and transportation industry in and around central Ohio is growing.  The addition of the Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal, as well as the completion of the Heartland Corridor, are keeping the region's shipping industry in the media spotlight.  Don't forget to check back often for updated warehousing and transportation news.

"Given the scope and scale of the challenge, it is impressive to see Hyperlogistics providing the kind of solutions that companies large and small rely on to solve tactical logistics issues." -Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics

September 2011 - Hyperlogistics Receives C-TPAT Validation From U.S. Custom's Audit

Hyperlogistics is proud to be a partner in the fight against terrorism.  Joining C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) enables Hyperlogistics and other logistics companies to set forth strategic procedures to prevent contraband or terrorism from spreading throughout the United States.

On September 22, 2011, Hyperlogistics' C-TPAT certification was validated by U.S. Customs after an audit was performed at the Hyperlogistics facility.  As a 3PL company, Hyperlogistics is proud to be among the very few 3PL companies who are currently certified partners.

Being a partner in C-TPAT speaks volumes.  Companies that are members hold a trust with other C-TPAT companies.  Not only is product examined for contraband at importation, but during the entire supply chain route to the end user, C-TPAT partners will check and re-check to ensure the validity and safety of the product and any transporting vehicle.

Hyperlogistics has recently learned that in the event of a terroristic attack, importing product may be placed on an indefinate hold at the border, but C-TPAT partners will not endure this transporting freeze and will be permitted to import or export product as usual.

At Hyperlogistics, our Customers deserve the best....and the measures that we take every day to protect and secure their product is just a standard SOP with an increasingly watchful eye on the next delivery of their goods. 

September 2010 - VIDEO - Hyperlogistics Transports World Trade Center Steel For Westerville, Ohio Fire Fighter's Memorial

Hyperlogistics Group is honored to transport the World Trade Center (WTC) steel to a commendatory memorial resting place for the Westerville Fire Fighters' Memorial (WFFM), Inc..  The WTC Steel was placed at First Responders Park in Westerville, Ohio on August 31, 2010.  Many thanks to the Westerville Fire Fighters for the opportunity to contribute our services. 

Please click here to view video of the placing of the monument.

August 2010 - Hyperlogistics Is Granted Certification as a C-TPAT Partner!

Hyperlogistics Group, a leading central Ohio logistics and transportation provider, is privileged to announce it has been approved and selected as a Certified Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) documented partner.  By successfully completing a rigorous litany of qualifications, Hyperlogistics has committed itself to making a vital contribution to helping the United States of America secure it's borders and ensure the continued free flow of international trade.

Hyperlogistics joins a limited number of third party logistics firms that have qualified for this certification.  Seatta "Sam" Layland, President of Hyperlogistics Group, stated "Taking several months to pre-qualify and then ultimately submit to the scrutiny of the OFO-Industry Partnership Division of the United States government, Hyperlogistics is grateful for the confidence granted and extremely pleased to have the opportunity to present our newly awarded certification to our current and future customers".

Visit the United States Department of Homeland Security website to read more....

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