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Hyperlogistics is always on the leading edge of new and innovative ways to approach logistics issues. As a result, Hyperlogistics is often referenced or cited in major transportation and warehousing news publications.  Check back here often to learn about our latest hyperadvances.

The warehousing and transportation industry in and around central Ohio is growing.  The addition of the Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal, as well as the completion of the Heartland Corridor, are keeping the region's shipping industry in the media spotlight.  Don't forget to check back often for updated warehousing and transportation news.

"Given the scope and scale of the challenge, it is impressive to see Hyperlogistics providing the kind of solutions that companies large and small rely on to solve tactical logistics issues." -Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics

March 2013 - Norfolk Southern's Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal Fifth Year of Operation

2013 marks the fifth year of operation for the Norfolk Southern Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal in Columbus, Ohio.  This direct rail link from the Port of Virginia is one of the largest integrated logistics complexes in the world. 

Hyperlogistics, also celebrating its fifth year within the Intermodal Terminal Park, receives containers and delivers to its dock doors within minutes of terminal arrival. This transportation cost savings is one of many logistical features the intermodal terminal offers.  To read more Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal anniversary details visit

December 2012 - The Wounded Warrior Program …. Hyperlogistics Gives Back

Let’s not forget our wounded and disabled veterans……
“A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America.”  These are the words of the Disabled American Veterans Organization, Chapter 3, in Columbus, Ohio.  Since their founding 92 years ago, the DAV’s mission has been to build better lives for our wounded Veterans and their families.
It was the quest of John Schmenk, a dedicated member of the DAV organization, to find transportation for a load of bottled water to the Wounded Warrior Program in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Hyperlogistics Group, a top third party logistics company in Columbus, Ohio picked up on the chance to deliver.  Many thanks to AldenLaw in Columbus, Ohio, which served as the lynchpin in joining the two sides. 

The desert yielded many days with no water.........and a simple bottle of water symbolizes security to these veterans.  Too often we forget those who are forever living with fears or without limbs or sight as payment of ‘the blank check.’  It was in appreciation, a familiar task at Hyperlogistics, to honor these Veterans.

Hyperlogistics will never forget their sacrifice.  Let’s roll…..

June 2012 - Inbound Logistics 2012 Logistics Planner Reports on the Columbus, Ohio Logistics Industry

The Columbus Region Logistics Council focuses on the growth of the region's industry in the 11-county region, within the broader Columbus2020 economic growth strategy.  It states Columbus is a logistics hub anchored by the Rickenbacker area with more than 35 million square feet of development, CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroads, a cargo airport and foreign trade zone. Home to Ohio's capital, the 15th largest city in the U.S., and one of the fastest growing major metropolitan areas in the Midwest. With the infrastructure you need and space to grow, the Columbus Region is perfectly situated to connect you to the world.  Read more of the article

April 2012 - The Heartland Corridor Improves Port of Virginia's Access

The Port of Virginia's 2nd Quarter Community Newsletter reports that in January the Norfolk Southern Raiload began routing traffic moving between The Port of Virginia and Detroit and Cincinnati over the Heartland Corridor reducing transit times and improving service reliability for double-stack freight traveling to and from these markets.

This was possible by the Heartland Connector project, which included raising clearances at five locations along the 124-mile route between Cincinnati and Columbus and adding tracks at Norfolk Southern's Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal near Columbus.

Prior to the upgrades, double-stack intermodal trains leaving the Port of Virginia for Cincinnati and Detroit followed longer routes through Tennessee and Pennsylvania.  Now, double-stack trains bound for Detroit use a route that is 212 fewer miles and save up to two days transit time.

The new service route also offers customers an additional day of frequency from both Norfolk International Terminals and the Portsmouth APMT marine terminal to Cincinnati and Detroit.

February 2012 - The Ohio River Valley From New York Will Likely be the First Effect of the Panama Canal reported this month that increased intermodal traffic from the New York/Baltimore area ports to the Ohio River Valley region will likely be the first effect when the Panama Canal opens its new, larger locks in late 2014.  
As not all east coast ports are yet able to handle the larger vessels, the ports in Norfolk, New York and Baltimore will be the first, and are all within striking distance of the OhioValley. CSX and Norfolk Southern rail have been investing heavily in their intermodal routes between these ports and the Midwest, so at least, at first, the coastal share shift that will occur will likely involve freight destined for the Ohio Valley, reports To read the entire article, go to
Hyperlogistics Group, strategically located on the Heartland Corridor (Norfolk Southern) and is a direct shot from the Norfolk port, is hopeful that increased intermodal traffic from the east coast, will not only benefit the state , but the entire U.S. economy.
Which U.S. coast or inland port will benefit more, or loose more?  It will probably take a few years before a true analysis is possible.  On the other hand, one preliminary vision is an absolute; and that is all the cost, time and effort of the canal expansion will benefit importers, exporters and manufacturers. 
Strategically planned, overseas manufacturers should feel a relief in their cost to ship goods to their final destination in the United States.  Now is the time for shipping departments all over the world to look at their current routes, distribution center locations and current costs.  By re-evaluating their logistics with new routes and DCs, they should learn their bottom line could reflect something worth celebrating.
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