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Hyperlogistics is always on the leading edge of new and innovative ways to approach logistics issues. As a result, Hyperlogistics is often referenced or cited in major transportation and warehousing news publications.  Check back here often to learn about our latest hyperadvances.

The warehousing and transportation industry in and around central Ohio is growing.  The addition of the Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal, as well as the completion of the Heartland Corridor, are keeping the region's shipping industry in the media spotlight.  Don't forget to check back often for updated warehousing and transportation news.

"Given the scope and scale of the challenge, it is impressive to see Hyperlogistics providing the kind of solutions that companies large and small rely on to solve tactical logistics issues." -Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics

April 2014 - Honda Continues to Grow in Central Ohio

Honda Marysville Selects Hyperlogistics!

For many years, Hyperlogistics has had the privilege of supplying distribution and logistical services for Honda in Marysville, Ohio.  We are proud to share that we have been selected to handle the same services for Honda’s new 2015 Acura TLX auto parts that are manufactured here in Central Ohio. 
Being a part of the Honda Marysville distribution team has been extremely rewarding in many ways, and it is exciting to see our similar beliefs of not only local, but global support as well.  Maintaining a Green environment has always been a top priority at Hyperlogistics and we were pleased to learn the Honda Accord, made here in Ohio, was recently named the Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal.  Way to go Honda!
To learn more of Honda’s Central Ohio amazing accomplishments read the ‘Rickenbacker Inland Port, Quarterly Spring Publication’.  Click the following link:

January 2014 - Thinking Outside The Box!

New Distribution Hours - From 5:00 AM to 2:00 AM!

At Hyperlogistics, our customers ALWAYS come first, and at times, thinking outside of the box gets us another step closer in exceeding our customer's expectations! 

Although Hyperlogistics has operated two to three shifts for some time now, expanding the work shift hours will provide a better, faster and more economical logistic service to our customers.  

Begining Monday, February 3, 2014, Hyperlogistics will switch to 10 hour shifts, six days a week, including Saturday!  Our hours of operation will be from at 5:00 AM to 2:00 AM! 

Customers in need of Saturday import or export service, cross-dock service, container expedition or anything logistical from the West Coast to the East Coast, Hyperlogistics will be available!

October 2013 - Hyperlogistics Makes New 3PL Software Purchase!

Hyperlogistics Is Excited To Announce the Purchase of Accellos One 3PL Software!

Following a year of investigating the features and functionality of all of the major software products on the market serving a multi-customer platform, Hyperlogistics is excited to announce the purchase of Accellos One 3PL software!

Accellos is a leading supply chain software provider with over 3,000 customers in 27 countries.  Accellos is a grobal partner with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, and is fully integrated to leading ERP systems. 

Accellos' robust RF application, flexible kitting program and their easy adaptability of EDI connectivity were key to our selection.  We feel Accellos will provide Hyperlogistics an ideal partner for growth and further integration to continue to meet our customers' needs.  Their workflow process approach will allow us to refine each customer's transactions to improve accuracy, increase automation and use of the best industry practices for maximum effeciency.  Implementation and training has begun with a target completion date of the first quarter of 2014. 

Again, Hyperlogistics feels this significant investment in new technology is critical to provide our customers with the highest level of service, supply chain best practices and an efficient operation utilizing the current level of automation.

To visit Accellos, click below!

October 2013 - We Run With The Best!

Hyperlogistics Maintains Certification From Two Top Organizations!

Hyperlogistics recently received approval for continued certification by C-TPAT, Customs & Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, (self-explanatory), and SmartWay, an EPA sponsored orginization to manage the fuel emissions into the atmosphere by way of the transportation of goods.

Our C-TPAT certification is highly regarded at Hyperlogistics!  Since 9/ll, we feel the protection of our country is the responsibility of every American. We are proud to do our part in the logistics arena to ensure product coming in and going out of our facility is safe and uncompromised.  We examine, and re-examine, trailers, rail containers and even flatbeds for any suspicious activity.  Our hope is that every American joins the fight against terrorism.

The EPA SmartWay Transportation guidelines is vital to anyone shipping goods.  The use of our transportation system comes with a responsibility to improve fuel efficiency and increase environmental performance.  Our hope is that future generations will have the clean air to breathe that they so deserve.

September 2013 - Hyperlogistics Receives AIB Certification

AIB Annual Certification Received

The AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection search for key requirements that a facility must meet in order to keep products manufactured, processed or handled in a facility wholesome and safe.  The Standards reflect what an inspector would expect to see in a facility that maintains a food-safe processing environment.  On August 22nd and 23rd, AIB conducted an inspection at Hyperlogistics.  The inspection provided proof that Hyperlogistics was a food-safe environment and awarded a certificate of approval.
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