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December 2012 - The Wounded Warrior Program …. Hyperlogistics Gives Back

Let’s not forget our wounded and disabled veterans……
“A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America.”  These are the words of the Disabled American Veterans Organization, Chapter 3, in Columbus, Ohio.  Since their founding 92 years ago, the DAV’s mission has been to build better lives for our wounded Veterans and their families.
It was the quest of John Schmenk, a dedicated member of the DAV organization, to find transportation for a load of bottled water to the Wounded Warrior Program in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Hyperlogistics Group, a top third party logistics company in Columbus, Ohio picked up on the chance to deliver.  Many thanks to AldenLaw in Columbus, Ohio, which served as the lynchpin in joining the two sides. 

The desert yielded many days with no water.........and a simple bottle of water symbolizes security to these veterans.  Too often we forget those who are forever living with fears or without limbs or sight as payment of ‘the blank check.’  It was in appreciation, a familiar task at Hyperlogistics, to honor these Veterans.

Hyperlogistics will never forget their sacrifice.  Let’s roll…..

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