Hyperlogistics gives back.

"Hyperlogistics, once again, strives to exceed expectations.  When it comes to a clean environment and a healthy earth, we kick into full gear.  Also, helping out the community has become a habit, especially around the holidays.  We are happy to touch the hearts of those less fortunate.  Toys for Tots, Caring for the Handicapped, and the needs of local families become our mission during the holidays.  We proudly show appreciation to our local police and fire departments, and transporting the remnants of the World Trade Center steel (9/11) to serve as the First Responders Memorial for the prestigious Westerville (Ohio) Fire Department was immensely rewarding."  

 See video of WTC steel arriving at Memorial Park.  Turn volume up!.

 Here are a few other ways that Hyperlogistics gives back....

  • Innovative Green

              Hyperlogistics' building construction is electronically green!

              Motion activated lighting throughout each office and warehouse

              HVAC system electronically controlled by time and day

              Unused energy is not wasted here!

  • We Recycle

              Recycling makes us feel good!

              Batteries for forklifts and other warehouse equipment

              Toner cartridges for all printers and copiers

              Cell Phones

              Paper (shredded), plastic & cardboard - we shred!

              Aluminum cans (Breakrooms)


              Let's refill, refurbish and reuse.  Save the burial!

  • Food Grade Facility

              We maintain a facility subject to inspection at a food grade level.

              ASI certified and inspected food grade facility

              An inspected food grade facility means clean!

  • Chemicals

              Toxic and damaging chemicals are nonexistent at Hyperlogistics.

              Use only bio-chemicals & degradable cleaning solutions

              No worries with poisonous or harmful agents which eliminates accidents.

  • Communication Practices

              Our associates are efficient!

              Use an electronic filing system to save paper, boxes, space & time

              Use electronic billing to save paper & time

              Use real-time inventory reporting to save our customers' time and paper

              Electronically speaking, it's communication gone green!



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